Who We Are

The Engineering Team at Viki works on developing and maintaining the backend behind viki.com - a global TV site powered by a volunteer community of avid fans. Launched in December 2010, we have over 2 billion video streams and more than 400 million words translated.

Our Engineering Philosophy

We are not obsessed by any particular technology. We believe cool technologies might not get the job done, the right technologies do. We use Ruby, Node.js, Golang, AngularJS, EmberJS with PostgreSQL, Redis and RabbitMQ. We make sure our code is highly decoupled through message queue infrastructure, service-oriented architectures and proper design patterns.

Engineering Done Right

We think performance and code quality should not be an afterthought. We favor code refactoring over adding new functionality. We focus on test-driven development, short-cycle deployment.

Output Over Input

We value highly effective and efficient people. You can come in at noon, you can work from home. Only your output matters.

People Come First

We believe the right people make all the difference. Building great software comes from building great teams. This puts the focus on the right people working well and having fun together.

Meet Our Team

Our team is as diverse as Viki itself -- technologists from Canada, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Vietnam and the United States.

Andrew Abogado Front End Engineer

Aysha Anggraini Front End Engineer

Borrys Hasian UX Designer

Cristobal Viedma Software Engineer

David Baldeschwieler Flash Engineer

Deepika Rudra Murthy Software Engineer

Eric Bell UX Designer

Ethan Le Software Engineer

Fadhli Rahim Software Engineer

Gabor Kristof UX Designer

Hannah Vergara QA Test Engineer

Huy Nguyen Software Engineer

Ishan Agrawal Software Engineer

Jarrold Ong Engineering Manager - Mobile

Jason Grendus Director of Data Analytics

Julius Brian Uy Software Engineer

Kamal Fariz Mahyuddin Director of Engineering

Keisuke Matsuo Software Engineer

Lim Chee Aun Software Engineer

Mark Tong Software Engineer

Mela Cortez Director of Product

Neerav Kumar DevOps Engineer

Nerses Ohanyan Director of Growth

Nicholas Jachowski Data Scientist

Niel Domingo Software Engineer

Omkiran Sharma Software Engineer

Pang Yan Han Software Engineer Intern

Pradeep Kumar Software Engineer

Rohit Dewan CTO

Ryo Chikazawa Frontend Engineer

Stuti Dhanvada Data Analyst

Sunjin Lee Software Engineer

Tang Chin Yong Engineering Manager - Web

Umeda Takashi Data Scientist

Where We Are

We have offices in Singapore, San Francisco, Korea and Japan. Our engineering team spans across Singapore and San Francisco.

San Francisco Office

580 California St. STE 150 San Francisco CA 94104

Singapore Office

59 Mohamed Sultan Road Singapore 238999

Check Us Out

Singapore is our engineering hub. Check out the photos of our team... coding, meeting, playing air hockey and more. We work hard, but we play hard, too.

Build the future of global TV with us.

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