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Log processing at Scale. ELK cluster at 25k events per second

Log processing at scale - ELK cluster at 25,000 events per second.

At Viki, we run a number of micro services that process thousands of requests per second in various geographical regions. Micro service architecture helps us break down the complexity of building a large distributed system, but also introduces the complexity of debugging an issue.

Our first point of exposure to any issue is an...

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Building a Churn Model - an intern's perspective

With “Tech” and “Data” being the newest buzzwords, I was more excited about my summer internship as a Data Scientist at Viki. Coined as the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” by the Harvard Business Review, I was beyond eager to swim in data, and add as much value to the Viki Team.

I started of by getting introduced to the technologies- Hadoop, particularly AWS EMR, Hive, Tez, PostgreSQL, Redshift...

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Analytics Infrastructure Update - Building Our Own Hadoop Cluster

Analytics Processing Data Flow Diagram

Since our last blog post about the Viki analytics infrastructure, a lot of improvements has been implemented. With the old blog post being outdated, we’ve decided to make a follow-up blog post to share some of the changes.

Overview (or TL;DR)

We switched to a more flexible Hadoop solution. We were using Treasure Data, but we felt that we have outgrown the service and we wanted to do more. So...

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Hackathon at Viki

There are two things I really love about Viki, and these two things share something in common—they’re both bridges. The first is the bridge to the future. We bring the world from where it is to where it can be. We change the way videos are consumed, and we will continue to do so in meaningful ways. The second is the bridge across nations. We narrow the gap between nations by providing an avenue...

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Data Warehouse and Analytics Infrastructure at Viki

Update: We have published a follow-up post after this, outlining how we build our own Hadoop cluster here

At Viki, we use data to power product, marketing and business decisions. We use an in-house analytics dashboard to expose all the data we collect to various teams through simple table and chart based reports. This allows them to monitor all our high level KPIs and metrics regularly. 


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