A full featured custom video player for iOS - VKVideoPlayer


When we started building our Viki iOS App it was a really long time ago. It was during the dark ages of iOS development, before Cocoapods was even born and sharing code was not something easy to do.

The community has come a long way since and things are a lot better now. We have all benefited greatly. Today we hope to give something small back, by open sourcing the star of our Viki App, its video player.

Through the years this tireless guy was depended on by millions of users to get their fix of TV shows, movies, music videos and other premium content from around the world, translated into more than 160 languages at any time of day. We've included many of the advance features we use in our Viki App and here are some of the highlights:

  • Fully customizable UI
  • No full screen restrictions (have it any size and position you would like!)
  • Display subtitles (SRT supported out of the box)
  • Customize subtitles (use CSS for styling)
  • Supports HTTP Live streaming
  • Orientation change support (even when orientation lock is enabled)
  • Bulletproof event machine to easily integrate features like video ads
  • Lots of delegate callbacks for your own logging requirements

VKVideoPlayer is available on CocoaPods. Just add the following to your project Podfile:

pod "VKVideoPlayer", "~> 0.1.1"

Here is a simple way to play Http Live Streaming contents.

VKVideoPlayerViewController *viewController = [[VKVideoPlayerViewController alloc] init];
[self presentModalViewController:viewController animated:YES];
[viewController playVideoWithStreamURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@"http://content.viki.com/test_ios/ios_240.m3u8"]];

Learn more at VKVideoPlayer on GitHub

Viki is hiring, come help us redefine television!

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