Howdy, New Engineering Page, and Summer Internships

Howdy, it's been a long time!

Since we got ourselves acquired by Rakuten 6 months back (oh really), we've been busier than ever getting speed up with more growth (and more people joining the team). The last few months have been really fun as we pushed ourselves to launch Viki Pass (Exclusive Content, No Ads Premium Accounts), Redesign of our Mobile Apps with all the internal infrastructure upgrade!

And if you haven't noticed, thanks to the amazing work by Aysha and Andrew (our 2 frontend engineers), we have a new engineering page! Take a look for yourself how does it feel like working as an engineer at Viki. For me personally, it's pretty awesome.

Viki's Summer Internships

In case you're CS students living in Singapore, I'm very excited to share with you that we have summer internships for you!

The idea is we have a list of small-sized projects that will be done as part of the internship. The interns will get a clearer expectation of what to do and learn, at the same time get to work on some real meaningful work.

If you're interested, take a look at our summer internship program.

That's it for now, expect more regular technical blog posts from us from now on!

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