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Announcing storm-docker - Making distributed, multiple server Storm setups easy, in Docker

Docker all the things!

At Viki, many decisions are driven by data from the user community. From high level business decisions such as figuring out the best shows to get, to improving our user experience by carrying out A/B tests not only for the UI but generalized to things such as recommending you the next video you should watch, data plays an irreplaceable and critical role.

However, the premise is that we must receive...

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A full featured custom video player for iOS - VKVideoPlayer


When we started building our Viki iOS App it was a really long time ago. It was during the dark ages of iOS development, before Cocoapods was even born and sharing code was not something easy to do.

The community has come a long way since and things are a lot better now. We have all benefited greatly. Today we hope to give something small back, by open sourcing the star of our Viki App, its video...

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Engineering Spotlight - Ethan Le (Web Team)

Ethan Le

Say hello to Ethan Le, a javascript jedi and ruby wrangler from Ho Chi Minh City. Ethan was one of the first engineers at Viki, and the only engineer ever to switch teams - from web to mobile and back again. Not surprisingly, one of his favorite shows on Viki is Ghost, a Korean drama about a notorious hacker who switches teams to join the good guys and fight crime in cyberspace. When he's not...

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A Thread-safe Bytepool for Go

Dealing with memory in Go is relatively easy, compared to C or C++, since there's a built-in garbage collector. But if you allocate / deallocate memory thousands of time per seconds, like one of our API services at Viki, would there be a large overhead?

For example, our server returns JSON to client's request. Normally, the logically-sound way would be creating a new JSON string for every request...

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Howdy, New Engineering Page, and Summer Internships

Howdy, it's been a long time!

Since we got ourselves acquired by Rakuten 6 months back (oh really), we've been busier than ever getting speed up with more growth (and more people joining the team). The last few months have been really fun as we pushed ourselves to launch Viki Pass (Exclusive Content, No Ads Premium Accounts), Redesign of our Mobile Apps with all the internal infrastructure upgrade...

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