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Nerdy blurbs from the amazing people who help build Viki

Finding unaccepted commit with git_story

As Viki engineers, we work closly with our product team in developing a new features for Viki. We start with creating stories together. After that, those stories will be implemented and tested by engineers. And at the end, they have to be tested and to be accepted again by the product team. We use this process to ensure that our product is built with the consideration from both sides, technical...

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Darcy Laycock (@sutto) on API Driven Development

Last Saturday was RedDotRubyConf 2012 in Singapore. Darcy Laycock (@sutto) gave a very nice talk about API driven development and was kind enough to pay us a visit at Viki and talk a bit more about his experiences. Here are some notes of the conference talk and the discussions with us.


  • The expected response time for an API should be lower than 100ms. If it takes longer than that, you...
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Autoscaling Heroku Dynos

Update (Mar 2014): We're no longer using Heroku, we've moved off to dedicated hosting completely.

Cloud computing solutions have become very popular because it is easy to use, very scalable, low in cost, high reliability and performance. Here at VIKI, we rely on Heroku’s architecture to scale our application.

Paying for the perceived demand

While Heroku has gained credibility for one of the best...

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