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Log processing at Scale. ELK cluster at 25k events per second

Log processing at scale - ELK cluster at 25,000 events per second.

At Viki, we run a number of micro services that process thousands of requests per second in various geographical regions. Micro service architecture helps us break down the complexity of building a large distributed system, but also introduces the complexity of debugging an issue.

Our first point of exposure to any issue is an...

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Autoscaling Heroku Dynos

Update (Mar 2014): We're no longer using Heroku, we've moved off to dedicated hosting completely.

Cloud computing solutions have become very popular because it is easy to use, very scalable, low in cost, high reliability and performance. Here at VIKI, we rely on Heroku’s architecture to scale our application.

Paying for the perceived demand

While Heroku has gained credibility for one of the best...

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